Metz Amplification Dylan Salfer DS1 Serial #1 Combo

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We're always proud to show off Minneapolis' finest hand-built amplifiers. Today, we're proud to have a couple of amps from Metz Amplification up for sale! John is a good friend and a genius amp designer here in the Twin Cities. The care and attention to detail he displays in his amps is absolutely mind boggling and 100% worth stopping in to see for yourself. 

The DS-1 is a handwired 20 Watt, 6V6 based amplifier that is capable of shimmering cleans and grinding overdrive. The DS-1 is based on local Phenom, Dylan Salfer’s original amp and modified based on his feedback. The features and functionality have evolved into what is now known as the Dylan Salfer Signature model. 


"I have never been so moved by an amplifier!  John Metz is doing something really spectacular.  Today in a world filled with clones of all the amps that have been around forever, it’s hard to get something that’s unique without being weird or unusable.  To me, Metz amps are inspired by the wonderful classic tones we all know and love with true improvements and a unique twist.  John is not making changes just to be unique, but to constantly make real musical improvements. He has cultivated something that is improved and original on tones that are very familiar!

Metz amplification is doing exactly what the amp wizards of the 50s and 60s we’re doing, using curiosity to test and create a product that is purely musical!  No gimmicks.  As a result, John has created hands down the best sounding, and most inspiring (and best looking) guitar amps I’ve ever played."

- Dylan Salfer


An amplifier built by John Metz is hand crafted and tailored for your ultimate personal musical expression 


Operation instructions: Turn to standby (or total off for at least 30 seconds) before connecting/disconnecting speaker cabinets. Amp should be in standby for ~30 seconds before turning on. Do not leave amp in standby for extended periods of time (if over 5 minutes, turn off completely). I typically recommend just turning the amp down between sets.

Year: 2024

Brand: Metz Amplification

Model: DS-1

Weight: 56 lbs

Serial: #1

Finish: Natural Wood

Amp Type: Tube

Grill Clothe: Custom Paisley

Power: 20 Watts

Preamp Section: 3 x 12AX7

Reverb Driver: 1 x 12AZ7

Power Section: 2 x 6V6S

Speaker: 12" Electro Voice EVM-12L

Rectifier: Solid State

Controls: Tone (Pre Tone Stack), Treble, Mid, Bass, Effect Send Level, Reverb Dwell and Level, Master Volume, Standby, Power

Inputs: 1 x 1/4"

Outputs: 3 x 1/4 Speaker Outs (4, 8, and 16 ohms)

Effects Loops: Yes

FX: Tube Driven Reverb

Footswitch: No

Cover: No

More Features and Specs:

● Input impedance (1M Ohms)
● Boost (Non-powered, TRS pedal disabled), lifts the tonestack for even more gain and pronounced mids.
● Reverb defeat (Non-powered, TRS pedal disabled)
● Send level out of the FX send jack on the back of the amp. It can act as a boost when nothing is plugged into the FX return
jack on the back side of the amp. The FX Send can act as a line out, capturing the majority of overdrive developed in the
preamp. Note* Internal reverb is defeated when the external FX loop return jack is used.

Reverb has Dwell, Mix and Tone(3 way switch) controls.

● Tone control near input is prior to the tone stack in the circuit (this control is between stage 1 and 2).
● The FX loop is serial but the internal signal path is only broken when something is plugged into the FX return jack. This amp
works well in 4 cable method FX routing schemes.
● The Phase Inverter design allows the FX return to be used as a power amp in and can actually accept an instrument plugged
directly into the FX return.

Tubes from left(V1) to right(V6) as viewed from the back of the amp

● V1 ~ V2, V4 are 12AX7 preamp tubes
● V3 is a 12AZ7(12AT7 equivalent) for driving the reverb circuit
● V5 ~ V6 Output tubes (6V6S JJs) Matched pairs only. Amp is self (cathode biased). Power supply hum may indicate that the
output tubes are no longer matched or about to fail.
● Solid State rectifier
● 0.5 amp DC fuse
● 2A AC fuse SloBlow (or 3A fast)
● Cabinet is finished in Minwax Tung Oil and lemon wax - use wax remover and re-apply Tung Oil as needed.



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