Browne Amplification ATOM Overdrive Pedal

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The ATOM Nashville Overdrive is the green side of the Protein Dual Overdrive. This modified Nobels ODR-1 circuit is truly new, unique, and musical. Heres what they did! Browne Amplification lowered the gain to make it usable throughout the entire sweep of the knob, adjusted the EQ section to make it sound less scooped, restored some of the mids and tightened up the low end. They also redesigned the power section to make it feel more like a tube amp that is working hard! 

"Imagine an ODR-1 and a Tube Screamer came together and ended the war between them - the strong alliance that would be formed is the ATOM."

"The ATOM’s uniqueness is found in its ability to transform a thin sounding amp (or amp that has to be quiet and can’t be pushed) to feel like an amp that is pushing some air and has some weight to it. This is accomplished by adding the right combination of low mids & mids, as well as giving you a little bit of sag that makes playing a loud tube amp so enjoyable."

- Browne Amplification


Nashville Overdrive Guitar Pedal video

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