Schmidt Array SA750XDM with Lid and Flightcase - Antique Pink

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In on consignment and never been used! Schmidt Array is one of, if not, THE leader in touring grade, professional pedalboards for the world-class musician. Here we have an SA750XDM with both the Lid and Flightcase. The Pedalboard has been upgraded to the RAL Antique Pink finish and has two MkIII All Stereo 6 channel Connector boxes on the left and right. More specs and features down below!

•  30" wide hybrid "flat top" / two level pedalboard.

•  the top deck is 105mm deeper than our standard decks and therefore has space for two rows of pedals. It is also wide enough to take three large Strymons or 500 series Boss pedals. It is mounted on locking hinges, so it remains in the vertical position when opened and has ball latches underneath to lock it in the closed position when down.

•  the front area is prepared for you to install a Looper switching system

•  the angle of the upper deck is ergonomically designed for foot switching comfort

•  the inner area also has space for power supplies and pedals

•  top deck and the inside floor are finished with high quality Velcro

•  the side panels are finished with rubber to grip the stage and also to act as protection and Lid location

•  2 x IEC power socket (male outside/female inside)

•  4 x Connector Box "holes" with 2 x Connector

•  2 x flexible rechargeable LED lights, deck and pedal Velcro



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