Cornerstone Music Gear Antique Classic Drive V2 Pedal

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El Diablo welcomes Cornerstone Music Gear to Minnesota!

There are a lot of 808 clones out there, and it can get confusing trying to figure out which is the one for you! The Antique Drive offers a simple and intuitive feature set that can cover a surprising amout of territory. The Presence and Tone controls work together stunningly, allowing you to focus on the rich lower-mids often ignored in screamer-style pedals, but also retain an open and clear sound. The toggles help to quickly change the feel of the pedal, offering cut or flat mids at 1k and a compression toggle for a more open or juiced, boxy sound.

This is one of the nicest TS style pedals we've tried here at the shop! We highly recommend trying it in front of Cornerstone's Gladio preamp!


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