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Fairfield Circuitry Unpleasant Surprise Fuzz/Gate


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The Fairfield Unpleasant Surprise is a Pandora's Box of tonal destruction starting with gated, fizzy fuzz to speaker-ripping, bone-shaking FUZZ/Noise. The Treble switch is a simple treble cut for taming down the highs.  The Gain switch sets the level of fuzz mayhem, from "Hendrix" to "Oh My God, My Ears Are Bleeding!".  The last switch, Crush, "crushes" the *%^$ out of your signal!  This adds compression to the extreme, and when engaged, the Onset knob controls the amount of compression added.  The two other controls are Volume and Onset (saturation).  This crazy little pedal is loved by Noise/Experimental musicians, and extreme Fuzz lovers!

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Fairfield Circuitry - The Unpleasant Surprise 02:50

The Unpleasant Surprise Experimental Fuzz/Gate Reminisce about the time you got your shoulder caught in the reciprocating saw while this unit destroys your slick jazz lines.

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    The Unpleasant Surprise Experimental Fuzz/Gate Reminisce abou...

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