1993 Marshall JMP 1959 Super Lead 2-Channel 100-Watt Guitar Amp Head

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Just in! This classy affair from Marshall is a stunning early-90s reissue of their famed 100W Plexi Super Lead MKII head. From Led Zeppelin to Black Flag to Pearl Jam, countless guitarists have relied on this amp in live and recording situations for its trademark saturated tone. The tolex shows some wear, but the inside is very clean with an untouched circuit (short of the MV mod) and a fresh set of JJ tubes. The only modification was to put a master volume in the back panel so you don't need to play an arena to make it sing! A simple mod that doesn't affect the sound, and can be easily reversed if running two cabs is a priority.

A legendary amp that sounds and looks the part for any rock and roll application!


Year: 1993

Brand: Marshall

Model: 1959 SLP Reissue

Finish: Black Tolex

Power: 100W

Speaker: N/A

Power Section: 4 x EL34

Preamp Section: 3 x 12AX7

Rectifier: SS

Inputs: 2 x High Treble, 2 x Normal

Outputs: 1 x Speaker out, 4/8/16ohm

Controls: Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, High Treble Volume, Normal Volume, Master Volume (back panel)

FX: No

Footswitch: No

Cover: No

Special Features: Recently serviced, Master Volume mod

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