2020 Benson Monarch Head and Cab - Night Moves

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Benson's flagship design "The Monarch" has become increasingly popular over the last decade as the ultimate for the studio or club. 18W of 6V6 power, simple Volume/Tone control scheme, and a 12" speaker make this a no brainer for pedal fanatics and purists alike. British and American flavors are quickly available via the toggle switch- fundamentally shifting the voice of the amp from Princeton-like to AC-styled. Handwired with the best in Portland, OR; the Benson name is becoming a thing of cults and legends.

Fabulous balanced tone, nuanced aesthetics, and robust build quality keep the Benson name respected by all walks of guitarists.


Year: 2020

Brand: Benson Amplifiers

Model: Monarch

Power: 18W

Speaker: Celestion G12H

Power Section: 2 x 6V6

Preamp Section: 2 x 12AX7

Channels: Single

Cabinet: Dovetailed Pine Cab, Birch Ply head enclosure

Inputs: 1 x 1/4"

Outputs: 8 and 16ohm Outputs

Controls: Volume, Tone, Voicing Switch

Cover: No

Special Features: 

  • Hand wired point-to-point in the USA, Custom USA made Mercury transformers
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