Caroline Guitar Company Kilobyte Lo-Fi Delay

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The Kilobyte features an analog ‘dry’ path that is exceptionally true to your tone; turn the delay mix/level knob down and you’ll hear how honestly your original signal has been preserved. The analog overdrive/boost circuit feeding the digital echo path allows you to make the echoes REALLY loud and clear, gritty and distorted, or ghostly and warm. For those of you who always wished your delay pedals could be bigger & louder, this will certainly do the trick. the Kilobyte is capable of crazy fun self-oscillating, “spaceship crash” sounds in two distinct ways. The momentary switch sends the pedal into infinite feedback but with additional high-pass filtering that slices through the mix as the sound gets bigger. Or, you can go traditional by turning the feedback control all the way up, play with the delay time, and just overwhelm everything. Finally, the ‘Kilobyte’ is agood pedalboard citizen. Philippe went to great pains to keep the original, dry signal path analog and pure, then he built in a +21db overdrive preamp to pummel a lo-fi digital delay chip (best suited for karaoke machines and kids’ toys). You’ll never struggle again to make your delays cut through the mix! The Kilobyte features loud, powerful repeats that can go from crisp and clean slapbacks to grungy, overdriven echoes.

Inside the pedal, you’ll find a trimpot that controls the amount of “sway” in the repeats. Designed in conjunction with Jack DeVille of Mr. Black Pedals, the sway control mimics the wow and flutter of an aging Echoplex and gives your tone a haunting, spooky quality. Last but not least is the Havoc momentary foot switch. Once engaged, it captures what you are playing, and kicks the pedal into a swell of self-oscillation. Once you hear it in action, you’ll want to sneak it into every song on your set-list. Trust us.

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