Caroline Guitar Company Somersault Lo-Fi Modulator Pedal

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The newest from our friends at Caroline- the Somersault! The Somersault is a rich Chorus/Vibrato with the ability to give shimmering 80s new-wave chorus, murky and cerebral vibrato, raygun sound effects and much more. 4 controls on the face are Mix (top left), Lag (top right), Depth (bottom left), and Speed (bottom right). 2 toggles switch between Triangle and Square wave modulation, and Dark/Bright settings. The world famous 'Havoc' switch maxes out the speed of the pedal taking you from swaying chorus to consciousness-rattling vibrato. The tone of the pedal is incredible- even with little to no pitch modulation, the full wet signal has a warm character to it that turns your signal into hot glue. A must-own for all the lonely souls out there.

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