Dawner Prince Boonar Multi-Head Drum Echo

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The Boonar has grown into legend over the last few years, offering up Gilmour-approved Echrorec emulation with an immersive experience and feature set. As beautiful as the Boonar looks, it sounds- whether you're submerged in a wash of repeats or using it for a highly textured slapback effect. 4 head positions can be used individually for different ranges of time, or combined for rhythmic and textural effects. The Boonar also features a gorgeous preamp with Input Gain, as well as Drum Age and Treble/Bass tone controls. Breathtaking ambient pads are available with this thoughtful, magical delay device from Croatia.


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    Posted by Sean on Apr 26th 2021

    I was looking to add atmosphere to my sound, so i began looking into reverb and delay pedals. I became fascinated by the Binson Echorec with all its incredible tones and sounds. Then i found the Boonar by Dawner Prince. it is probably as close as you can come to an actual Echorec without taking out a second mortgage on your house. I highly recommend this pedal, as well as the service at El Diablo. When i received mine, there was an issue with it from shipping. I contacted Alan and Cody at El Diablo and they promptly sought to rectify the problem and sent me another pedal. Thanks fellas! But back to the pedal, it takes care of three of my needs: delay, reverb and preamp boost. Couldn't be happier with it.