Empress Effects Heavy Menace

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Just in time for the ONE YEAR anniversary of its release, we’ve received a freshly baked batch of our VERY favorite heavy metal distortion, the Empress Heavy Menace!  El Diablo is seriously in love with this pedal!  ?? It turns even the meekest of amps into a fire-spewing volcano of power and fury!  The apocalyptic tones within this pedal CRUSH…with gobs of sustain and rich harmonics that cut through any mix.  And with the 3-band EQ and footswitchable noice gate, the Heavy Menace gives you the power and control to burn through everything from 80’s hair metal to 90’s death metal, djent,  sludge, you name it, it’s all there!  Happy Birthday Heavy Menace!  ? Here’s to many more years ahead!  ??? 


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