Holeyboard 123 (Black) Pedalboard

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BUY LOCAL! Designed in Minneapolis.
The Holeyboard 123 is the easiest to use guitar effects pedalboard. It is expandable from 13”-30, easily accommodates 4-12 pedals plus a wah and works with any power supply. It is economically designed with two levels for accurate pedal switching, and uses cable ties for quick, tight, damage-free mounting. Proudly made in the USA of aircraft grade aluminum with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. 
The Holeyboard Footpedal Module 3 is for Wah Wah’s and Volume Pedals and things are that oddly shaped. It easily attaches to your Holeyboard 1 Base Module or to the Expansion Module 2(so you can put it on the right or left side) or connect it to another Footpedal Module 3. Comes with Z-Connector and all hardware needed.
The Ultimate Holeyboard Case is inspired by bulletproof messenger bags, it’s easy to load and unload quickly, it’s extremely durable and comfortable to carry. It will hold your Holeyboard 123 fully extended to 31”. Sewn in Minneapolis with a lifetime warranty.

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