JAM Pedals Boomster Mk.2

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The Boomster mk.2 is a carfeully crafted boost/buffer that can give you 16db of clean boost and can be powered with both 9V or 18V for added headroom. It also features a momentary/latching option AND an expression pedal input so it can be used as a volume pedal! Place it after your drive section for a volume increase or hit the front end of an amp or different drive pedals to introduce an added gain-staging option. The 3 voicing options are added to help sculpt your sound even further! So the boost on this pedal is top notch but the other half of where this pedal shines is its buffer circuit. JAM opted for the hi-fi-grade Burr Brown® OPA 2132 chips, which deliver effortless fidelity and lushness across the Boomster mk.2's different functions.

The 3 Way Voicing switch modes are as follows:

• the top position attenuates the top end (control by how much via set-and-forget internal trimmer)

• the middle position retains a flat, full-range response

• the bottom position introduces more mids (control by how much via set-and-forget internal trimmer)


*When the Level knob is all the way to the left (closed) the Booster’s output level is at unity gain.

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