King Tone The Duellist Dual Overdrive Pedal (2022)

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This is the 2022 version Duellist. Now with a whole host of exciting new features which include a custom CNC Machined 6061 aluminum enclosure, easy access side switches for new tonal options, "Split" mode and a channel order selector switch.

Dual Overdrive/Boost and Distortion.
  • Wide Drive Controls, Allow Almost Clean Overdrive Tones,  All The Way To Full-On Overdrive Settings With No Compromise In Tone
  • Dual and Split modes allow to to run the Duellist as separate pedals
  • Easily change the channel order with a flick of a switch. A-B or B-A
  • Six position side dip switch opens up a host of powerfully tone options.
  • TRS in and out for each side
  • Run the pedal A into B or B into A using TRS cables
  • A Reinvention Of Two Classic and Distinct Overdrive Pedals In One Unit
  • Separate And Independent Circuits For Each Channel – A/B
  • True Bypass (No Tone Loss)
  • SRV Mod setting. Adds Attack and Dynamics, allowing the natural woody guitar tone to shine through.
  • Fat, Stock and Glass Settings For Each Channel (Unique to KingTone)
  • Amp-Like setting for side A and B. Cranked Tube Amp Style Tones
  • Asymmetrical Or Symmetrical Clipping For Each Channel
  • Switchable Distortion Circuit On Channel “B”
  • Classic Overdrive Tones But With Many More Options
  • Carefully Matched And Selected Components
  • Easy To See White LED Lights
  • High Quality 4558 Chips
  • A Unique And Highly Sought After Pedal
  • Hand Wired and Assembled In the USA.
  • Standard 9v – 18v DC Power Or Internal Battery
  • Stunning LASER Engraved Control Panel
  • Built To Last A Lifetime


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  • 5
    One of the Best on the Market.

    Posted by Aaron on Jan 15th 2022

    I bought this from El Diablo a while back and it hasn't left my board since. Super versatile. Don't hesitate, especially of you play a Strat!

  • 5
    One of the best!

    Posted by Steve on Jul 27th 2020

    The Duelist is a refined TS OD and Bluesbreaker OD in one package. The tone/dynamics are highly tailorable Via internal and external switches, and works equally well with single coil and humbucker pickups. Great pedal!