KingTone MiniFuzz v2

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Piggybacking off the success of their well loved Germanium and Silicon models, the new v2 model offers all the same great sounds of both and much, much more! 6 new dip switches are situated on the outside of the pedal which offer control over buffer, tone, and clipping as well as the germanium/silicon selector, and familiar 3-position voice toggle. Highly dynamic, amp-like fuzz that can jangle with a rolled back volume control or offer infinite sustain when pushing your favorite amp.

This pedal will definitely be appreciated by fans of modern blues and 1970s rock n roll.


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    Mini fuzz v2

    Posted by Chris Hanson on Oct 30th 2022

    Incredible improvements on an already incredible mini fuzz. This fuzz has all the tones and is as durable as a tank. Will be a setting the standard for a long time to come.