Milkman Sound 20W Creamer Amplifier - Salt and Pepper

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The Creamer takes the classic American sound and gives back some midrange for a responsive, pure tone, and the Reverb and Trem are classic Fender, with enough splash and wobble to navigate you through the surfari! The Creamer likes pedals as much as it likes pickups so whether you're playing highly textured, experimental music or traditional blues with everything up to 10, Milkman Amps have your back!

The 20W Milkman Creamer is the perfect "desert island" amp... More than enough power to cut through on most stages, and it sounds great at low volumes for home practice or studio work! Plus, a lightweight pine cab and Princeton Reverb dimensions make it easily portable. 6V6 tubes come stock, but if you prefer 6L6s they can be subbed in WITHOUT biasing! Just flip the switch on the back panel, and you just bought yourself a little more clean headroom and a little more bass.

Handwired and built with the absolute best  by Tim Marcus in San Francisco, CA!

This amp is loaded with a Jupiter 12" Ceramic speaker for a tight and refined sound.

Includes 2-button footswitch for Reverb and Tremolo effects.


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