Sandholm Leather Goods "Circle of Fifths" Coasters

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A true story:

In the dimly lit garage, four band members, slightly tipsy from a few too many high-ABV craft brews, are huddled around their instruments trying to hash out the chords for their latest song. Laughter and confusion mingled with the sounds of strumming guitars and erratic drumbeats as they fumbled through the haze of forgotten key signatures and diatonic chords. Each attempted to steer the melody in a different direction, resulting in a cacophony of mismatched notes and rhythms. Amidst the chaos, one of them realized that the answers were underneath their beer cans the whole time. 

A perfect gift for any songwriter, teacher, student, you name it! These coasters are handmade from Red Wing leather and laser engraved with pinpoint accuracy by Gabe Sandholm in South Minneapolis.