Seeker Electric Effects Descry (3-Transistor Bender Style Fuzz)

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Ever wish your MKI Tonebender had a tone control? Ever want your MKIII to have more Velcro to it? The Descry is your answer, and there are fewer folks you can trust around a fuzz box than Seeker. Intuitive yet unique, timeless, and still forward thinking. If you've been on a fuzz quest that yields no results- we highly recommend giving this one a try.

Controls right to left:


The attack control found on a MKI is replaced with a modified Bias control. Lower settings offer a low gain fuzz, as you turn it up the sustain blooms into an open, ripping, highly textured fuzz. Past noon things start to get wild, eventually becoming very spitty and gated.


Filter tone control lifted directly from the MKIII/MKIV Benders and placed at the end of the MKI circuit allows for fine tuning of the overall timbre of the fuzz. Thin and bright to the left, dark and brooding to the right without affecting the gain or feel of the fuzz. “Stock” MKI tones can be found around 11-12 o’clock.


Standard volume control, this control will go well past unity, start around 9 o’clock and work your way up to find the sweet spot.


Excellent condition, with original box.

With this immaculate recreation of one of the earliest mass-produced solid body guitars, the Gibson Custom Shop proves that sticking to their rich tradition never fails. Two P90 pickups and a wraparound tailpiece sunk into Mahogany and Maple creates a stunning array of shimmering harmonics and rich, round bass. The sustain on this guitar is exceptional with notes at the 10th-14th fret ringing out unimpeded for as much as 10 seconds- not even plugged into an amp. This is a guitar that you can really feel in the belly from its resonance. And, moreover feel in your cheeks! Because this one will make you smile every time you pick it up.

This one has been lovingly played with minor wear visible throughout the guitar. As we say- this is the type of aging you typically pay extra for! No unsightly chips or dents or cracks- just honest scars from a working life. That said the frets are in fantastic shape; tall, crowned, and smooth on bends. From fret 1-22, the guitar is a real charmer. The neck has that perfect 50's heft and feels comfortable for our varied hand sizes here at the shop; it excels at fast leads and steadfast barring. That said we all wish one of us could take this one home- but you can't just buy every great guitar that comes through! This one will be a dreamboat for many of you- and the lucky future owner of this guitar will undoubtedly share many, many joyful and hard working hours with this beautiful companion.

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