Surfy Industries SurfyBear Classic Reverb Unit 3.0 - Blonde

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Finally realizing that digital spring reverb just isn't cutting it anymore? We understand. Once you've heard a full size pan, it's hard to go back to emulations and IR's. The only downside is how much you'd be paying for a Fender G615 and the fact of the matter is that not everyone has $1k to drop on a reverb tank or even the real estate to be carrying one around to every gig. Surfy has just released their latest iteration of their lightweight, low profile, Classic Reverb! The drippiest, fattest, splashiest tones are found here with a circuit that is identical to the Fender fan favorite- only with FETs in place of tubes. Super dynamic response, a preamp that stays with you (non-true bypass), and the ability to be overdriven. The more Surfy Industries pedals you have in line- the better you sound!

Version 3.0 Features Include:


★ Exclusive SurfyPan EXTRA type-4 spring reverb pan by Accutronics® and Surfy Industries.

★ Wooden enclosure covered with Fender® style tolex, available in the 3 classic colors: blonde, brown or black

★ Sturdy metal sides with Surfy Industries logo embossed

★ Steel bottom cover to provide maximum protection against noise and interferences

★ Vintage style on/off toggle switch and 1/4" jack to connect an external footswitch

★ All Switchcraft® components for best quality and durability

★ Working worldwide with a 12V power supply (included in the package) ANY polarity

★ Comes with a high quality padded gig bag for easy storage and transport

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