Vemuram DJ1 Bass Overdrive/Distortion

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El Diablo is honored to welcome Vemuram to the family- the only dealer in Minnesota!

Vemuram Pedals from Tri-Sound in Kyoto, Japan create some of the finest drives and fuzzes that can be found on the market today with meticulous circuit designs, indestructible build quality, and beautiful, opulent enclosures. At Vemuram, the core concern is fidelity and flexibility. No one of their pedals is a one-trick pony, but with simple and intuitive control sets you'll quickly dial in far reaching sounds that offer new inspiration every time you plug in. This is why artists like Ariel Posen, Mateus Asato, Tim Pierce, Yvette Young, and many more, all proudly represent Vemuram as a part of their sound.


Derived from the Jan Ray, Darryl Jones and Vemuram set out to craft a versatile bass pedal with ample headroom. By blending the clean and overdrive channels, it preserves the lower frequencies for bass tones. The pedal incorporates N.O.S parts, a pursuit of Darryl's, and after six years of development, he used the prototype on The Rolling Stones Tour.

"The DJ1 overdrive/distortion pedal is one of Vemuram's latest offerings. I collaborated closely with Vemuram to create a pedal tailored primarily for bass but not exclusively. It allows you to fine-tune your tone, spanning from subtle, warm overdrive to an intense, razor-sharp distortion, with a vast array of possibilities in between that I'm still exploring." - Darryl Jones


  • Controls: Level, Bass, Clean, Mix, Drive, Treble, Boost/Saturation, and Mid Trimmer
  • Internal Trimmer: DI-OUT Level, Internal DIP Switch (MID SHIFT, GND LIFT)
  • Switches: ON/OFF
  • Terminals: Input, Output, Out2 (DI-Out), Out3 (Parallel Out)
  • Size: 142(W) x 95(D) x 50(H)mm
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Current Draw: 6m/A
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