Vemuram Butter Machine - Michael Landau Signature Distortion

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El Diablo is honored to welcome Vemuram to the family- the only dealer in Minnesota!

Vemuram Pedals from Tri-Sound in Kyoto, Japan create some of the finest drives and fuzzes that can be found on the market today with meticulous circuit designs, indestructible build quality, and beautiful, opulent enclosures. At Vemuram, the core concern is fidelity and flexibility. No one of their pedals is a one-trick pony, but with simple and intuitive control sets you'll quickly dial in far reaching sounds that offer new inspiration every time you plug in. This is why artists like Ariel Posen, Mateus Asato, Tim Pierce, Yvette Young, and many more, all proudly represent Vemuram as a part of their sound.

The Butter Machine is their latest release and was a collaborative effort with Michael Landau in order to design the distortion pedal of his dreams. This project involved an extensive period of research and development, spanning over two years. During this time, they produced numerous prototypes, which Michael Landau tested during his recording sessions and live performances. His direct feedback was invaluable in honing the pedal to match his desired driven tone.


From Michael Landau about the Butter Machine:

"In the past I’ve used an Ibanez SD9 as my high gain pedal, it was my main distortion pedal for many years, but I’ve always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with the pedal. It can be shrill and overly compressed if it’s not dialed in just right… So a couple of years ago I asked Daiya if he could design a distortion pedal that had the positive sonic qualities of the SD9, but without the overly compressed, high-end harshness. Daiya and I have spent many months listening to several prototypes that he designed, experimenting with them and making improvements.

We used the SD9 as a starting point but of course this new Vemuram distortion pedal is a higher grade unit with many improvements. Besides the Gain, Volume and Tone knobs, there are two trim pots that let you fine tune this pedal in a unique way. The “Sparkle” trim pot is a ‘Peaking’ type of boost centered around 6K that allows you to dial in the ‘Crunch’ of the high end. The “Low-Mid” trim pot allows you to add the perfect amount of bottom end. I used one of the prototypes on tour in 2022 and 2023, and also in the studio many times over the last year. In other words, this pedal has definitely been real time tested."

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