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Shallow Water K-Field Modulator


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The new Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water Chorus/Vibrato offers traditional chorus tones, but the innovative control set encourages bolder sonic explorations, perfect for the lo-fi audio pioneer or the ambient/drone/soundscape artist. 

 The Controls:

-The RATE control adjusts the time intervals at which the random pitch fluctuations occur. 

-The DAMP control affects the slope of the modulating signal. At its minimum, the pitch modulations are quick and sudden. At high DAMP settings, the changes become so slow that they are not heard as pitch modulations. To hear the changes, some dry mix needs to be applied. 

-The DEPTH knob adjusts the intensity of the modulation. 

-The LPG control adjusts the level of the envelope going to the low pass filter and gate circuit. At lower levels the signal will be darker, choke subtle notes and reduce sustain. At higher settings, the sound will be brighter, have more sustain and might reveal some noise produced by the bucket brigade device. 

-The MIX control balances between the dry and wet signal. When it’s full wet (clockwise) the effect is like a vibrato. Chorus-type sounds are achieved by adding some of the dry signal (counter clockwise). 

-The VOLUME knob controls the output volume.

-Boost and Pad dipswitches accessible by removing backplate.

-Low-Pass Gate adjust trimpot accessible by removing backplate.



Product Videos

Fairfield Circuitry - Shallow Water 07:08

The water bed of the heart 0:35 - Overview 2:14 - Controls 4:08 - Synthesizers 5:16 - Loop 5:54 - Fuzz 6:45 - Outro https://fairfieldcircuitry.com/products/shallow-water

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    The water bed of the heart 0:35 - Overview 2:14 - Controls 4:...

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