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The Shallow Water is a groundbreaking chorus design from Fairfield Circuitry in Canada. At its center, a tiny mathemetician creates equations at random dictating where the speed and intensity of the effect go next. You can course adjust the effect with the Rate and Depth knobs, but this will never merely give you a predictable sinewave. Unique features are a Low-Pass Gate which helps add to the lo-fi characteristic, but also enhances the dynamics of your playing- perfect for bubbly popcorn lines and volume swells. The Damp control smooths out the intensity of the shifting speed and rate for a choppy, crinkled tape sound or a babbling soft chorus/vibrato.


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    Shallow water

    Posted by Adam on Jul 21st 2022

    This pedal came fast to Hawaii. Free shipping. A rarity. The unit itself is liquify goodness. Warbly magical phasey dream chorus. A thing of its own.