2023 Swart Space Tone Atomic Jr. Amp

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The Space Tone ATOMIC JR is the famed ST-6V6se with a dedicated triode reverb stage utilizing a 12DW7 fed into a spring tank for amazing reverb emanating from this little 14lb baby beast. The circuit remains uber simple for optimal touch sensitivity, tone, and responsiveness.

Tube complement includes a GZ34 rectifier, 2 x 12AX7s and a single Class A operation 6V6 power tube pulling 5W. Volume, Tone, and Space controls pair with a Hi/Lo Gain switch at the input which provides an easy workaround for proper headroom/tonality with different guitars. Basically a baby-sized AST- this cutie will fit on the counter, on your desk at home, or anywhere you wish to take it!

We recommend it in the studio- as you'll find big guitar tones don't require big amps!

We are an authorized Swart dealer- this amp is sold as new and comes with all included warranties and support! 

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