Swart STR-Tweed Amp

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Take the original Class A 5W Fender Princeton 5F2/5F1 schematic, throw in Swart’s own circuit mods, add another gain stage, tube-driven spring reverb, and a 12″ Mojotone BV-30 speaker and you have the STR-Tweed! Packed with pro guitar tones the STR-Tweed offers more than meets the eye. The small toggle switch at the input allows you to add or remove the second gain stage, providing 4 combinations of gain staging paired with the Hi and Lo inputs. It can run a 6L6, 6V6, or EL-34 power tube (cathode bias- no tools or adjustments necessary!) for different flavors of power section breakup and headroom. The tube spring reverb can drip with the best of 'em and has a warm but clear splash to it. For 5W the STR really roars and has enough in the tank to get over your average volume drummer.

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