Dawner Prince Electronics Viberator Pedal

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From Dawner Prince: Viberator is the premium, stereo version of the vintage, Uni-Vibe type phase shifter with a number of modern options. Utilizing all analog circuitry in a very compact design, Viberator impeccably delivers all those deep, natural and watery phase and shivering vibrato sounds.

This pedal features controls for:

Intensity Controls depth of chorus effect

Speed Controls the pulse rate for chorus and vibrato effect

Shape Control modifies the waveform that drives the internal light bulb. From symmetrical sine wave in the middle position to distorted waveforms in either end position

Chorus/Vibrato Switch

Vintage/Modern switch & Bright Trim Vintage mode engages original Uni-Vibe input circuitry resulting in a warm and slightly darker tone, while Modern mode engages the input FET buffer, resulting in a more brighter over all tone. The brightness in Modern mode can be further adjusted with Bright side trimmer. 

This pedal also has stereo inputs, and an expression input which can be used with an auxiliary expression pedal for effect speed. 

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