Peterson StroboStomp HD

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El Diablo is proud to announce Peterson as a part of our curated and ever-growing selection of high quality pedals and accessories! When it comes to tuners, we had to go with the company that not only specializes exclusively in tuners, but have been innovating and dominating the industry for over 75 years.

The StroboStomp HD has the largest tuning display that Peterson has ever put into one of their pedals. It features a high-definition LCD screen and variable color LED backlight, allowing for personalized tuning and improved visibility in different lighting conditions. User-selectable colors can be assigned to presets, reducing navigation time during performances. The StroboStomp HD offers a 100% silent, true-bypass mode to preserve tone quality and eliminate popping sounds when engaged. Additionally, it includes a buffered output mode to maintain tone integrity in signal chains with multiple pedals or long cable runs. The tuner provides over 100 Sweetened Tunings to correct instrument tuning issues and offers guided tuning presets for various instruments and playing styles, including numeric string values for intuitive re-tuning to alternative tunings.

- 3 Year Warranty

9VDC 85mA (Nominal)

Concert A Range: 390Hz to 490Hz

- 16.35Hz to 7302Hz Response Range

-  417 Segment Display Resolution

- Unlimited User Presets



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