Peterson StroboClip HD

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El Diablo is proud to announce Peterson as a part of our curated and ever-growing selection of high quality pedals and accessories! When it comes to tuners, we had to go with the company that not only specializes exclusively in tuners, but have been innovating and dominating the industry for over 75 years.

Introducing the final boss of clip-on tuners - the StroboClip HD

The StroboClip HD is a professional clip on tuner that will always deliver a smooth tuning response and convey even the most minute changes in pitch in real-time allowing users to get in tune faster using the highest resolution in tuning accuracy (0.1 Cent).

The Peterson StroboClip HD has the same tenth-of-a-cent accuracy as all Peterson Strobe Tuners. This versatile tuner comes complete with a bright high-definition screen, over 50 "Sweetened" tunings, 11 Historic Tunings, alternate temperaments for a vast array of string and wind instruments, and soft rubber-lined jaws to protect your instrument's finish while offering a firm grip for maximum signal tracking.

The StroboClip HD tracks accurately from 1975Hz all the way down to 16Hz or, from a note perspective, a B6 down to C0. You can now tune a low B on a 5 string Bass with ease and we love it here at the shop because we it gives you accurate readings when intonating.